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Posted on 2nd Nov, 2020 07:04:03


 For Honest People and The People who are in need of JUSTICE, their final Destination is Mr.Rahul Gandhi. In my view, India has lost or missed great Opportunity of Electing Congress alliance to power under the visionary Leader,Who might've taken our Nation to greatest Heights. Literally it's the common people who are the sufferers by not Electing straight forward, decent, disciplined, dignified, passionate visionary personality with mission, highly patience by attitude, great listener, spontaneous to answer the questions by Press/Media without hesitation, having the capability and capacity mentality to admit the ongoing naturally(if fault, Yes), balancing nature,never and ever tried to get to use with influence the society with "Sympathy" or fake projections, being Simple & Humble, above all HIGHLY TOLERANT, which is the foremost quality for being a PAN INDIA LEADER, same lacking with many of the so called alleged Leaders like who are in the Present Ruling Party and in most of the opposition parties too, in National level, including the Regional leaders. He may not be an great trained orator, but for sure he speaks fact and truth on moral prevailing grounds which no one can deny. 




This article will not be in completion if not mentioned or high lighted of this very Leadership Quality of being Highly  Tolerant.  When Mr.Rahul Gandhi was elected as President of Indian National Congress in 2017 by due process, who had also delivered exemplary work in his Leadership / Presidency in both NSUI (World's Largest Students Organization) and IYC (Youth Congress). He also served as VICE-PRESIDENT  Of INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, since 2004, Mr.Rahul Gandhi an elected parliamentarian from the Strong Bastion Amethi in Uttar Pradesh till 2019 & now June'2019 onwards he's representing a Constituency from The State of Kerala, namely Wayanad, More important to say here is that, it's an great loss for the people from Amethi constituency where Mr.Rahul Gandhi was defeated by cunning manner purposely which everyone are well aware of it, still he respected the system by his good gesture which is in him by default. 


* The current ruling party which is headed by Mr.Narendra Modi is very much allergic and literally worried of any statement fromMr.Rahul Gandhi raising in each and every mishap of this administration, may it be with respect to that of over night 8pm announcement in Scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 INR currencies without any plan of action or bad implementation of GST or trying to enforce CAA / NRC creating fear among the Fellow Citizens,directly hitting on every Indian's Heart, which made The entire Country shocking and standstill taking away several lives,no other Nation in the World had adopted such an drastic act of Demonitisation putting their own respective Fellow Citizens much in distress in every walk of life,even now the effect can be witnessed in many era and areas,still the Economy of our Nation in very Bad shape. The Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi said in emotional tone by challenging that the track of adverse effect aftermath of Demonitisation shall  put in track on developmental path within 50 Days, The Prime Minister even went to 

an extent of emotionally cracking that in case failing to put on Track within 50 days, he can be burnt alive. He projected, his 90+ years old mother standing in Queue for collecting New Rs.2000 currency. Only after Mr.Rahul Gandhi stepped into the issue, who severely warned that Our fellow citizens will be facing tragic situations, he too went to collect the new currency in exchange only to share the pain experienced by the common man. Small scale , large scale , Medium businesses were severely affected from which the Nation still not recovered. 


  The Bad implementation of GST


While being in power as Chief-Minister of The State of Gujarat, Mr.Narendra Modi, in 2013 severely opposed the plan of execution / implementation of GST by the then UPA GOVT, headed by the then Prime Minister, an renowned Global Economist. Mr.Narendra Modi even then he used and threatened that he will burn himself if GST implemented, which by default a dramatic habitual in nature Mr.Modi exhibited several stunts. But after assuming as in The office of PMO as PM, he started an U-Turn and implemented GST irresponsible manner under his cabinet colleague Lt.Arun Jaitley lawer by profession,who had "Nil knowledge" about Economy and Finance. Mr.Rahul Gandhi, took the issue to the core and tried to educate the administration how the entire country facing and which will face very bad shape and the country may be put to death track. The administration which only always had the tendency of adopting DEFAMING tactics, with the help of it's strong Social Media, where the Ruling Party which became in overnight the Richest Political Party in The World, spent specially and specifically in high volume by engaging several leading IT software companies only to attack, defame by calling by several names , personnel attacks, psychologically targeting his parents and great grand parents, projecting Mr.Rahul Gandhi as immature leader,twisting his words, editing videos and projecting the same in various SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS repeatedly and they succeeded in their targeted assault, to be very frank, the National Electronic Media mainly played and still playing as Second Fiddle to the Current administration. Whereas the Indian National Congress Party failed to equate or sharpen it's gun in the same tone and platform, which led to create an false image on Mr.Rahul Gandhi as immatured leader, but if any other person in place of Mr.Gandhi would have experienced the same demon like level of attacks from all corners,highly it's doubt that they would have sustained or survived in Politics, 100% would've quit, but Mr.Rahul Gandhi never kept away from the focus of main issues which was and is an assault on the General Common Citizens of India. He continued to register his voice for the people still very firmly.


This is the greatest quality of being patience and highly tolerant which surprisingly stunned the Ruling Govt and The Ruling Party. The more they ridiculed , the more they defamed, the more they insulted, Mr.Rahul Gandhi turned down silently,moved constantly forward with steadiness, surprisingly, honest people started realising, why such a targeted assault on Mr.Gandhi, if as per their(Ruling Party's IT wing)claim he's unfit,then its good gesture for them, so the psychological factor is that, Mr.Rahul Gandhi an efficient People's Leader, a proven Ground reality fact. The abovementions shows how highly Tolerant leader Mr.Rahul Gandhi been skillfully equipped. 


RAHUL GANDHI on Women Safety & Justice for the Needy:


 Whenever injustice embrace on the poor people, that too when minor girls, major women were harassed, raped and killed by miscreants who hide behind the saffron party, Mr.Gandhi steps in for Justice, may it be with the case of Nirubhaya, Baby.Asifa, Unnao Victim, Ms.Aishwarya Valmiki latest in Hathras,State of Uttar Pradesh. Leader in his stature will not dare to visit a State where Barbaric Rule is under force, but he made an attempt to visit The Parents of the Hathras gang rape victim, where the police failed to file an FIR inspite of the victim in death bed issued a statement. Ms.Valmiki, an dalit 19years old girl literally forced to die, which is amounting/equivalent to Murder charges, the State Police of Uttar Pradesh, without even allowing the relatives and parents to perform last rites, just in an much disgusting inhuman act, disposed of the corpse of Ms.Valmiki by putting into flames of Fire in the Wee hours. The entire Country was shaken by this barbaric act, they didn't stop there, but continued to degrade the deceased gang rape victim by Character Assassination. The first attempt by the INC Leader Mr.Rahul Gandhi along with his sister and AICC in charge UP, Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was stopped at the UP borders and was very ill treated by the UP Policemen, who also went to an extent of Pushing Mr.Gandhi down and one officer strangled Mr.Gandhi which created country wide flame and several leaders irrespective of the Political ground severely and highly condemned such heinous act. On his second visit in the First week of October'2020, Mr.Gandhi made it very crystal clear, that he will meet the Parents of the murdered gang rape victim Ms.Valmiki and extend solidarity, no force on the Earth can stop him(Mr.Gandhi)as per his statement he started the trip where Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi Vadra steering an Toyota's Innova Vehicle. There were several police battalion engaged by The Uttar Pradesh CM Mr.Yogi Adityanath's Police Department, which literally exhibited the Bjp state Govt's inefficiency and they were rattled by the Brother/Sister lead, then realising the situation which is going out of control, Mr.Yogi Adithyanath's Police team allowed 5 members delegation to Hathras headed by Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Those pictures which decorated the exhibition of Hurting Democracy, was engaged by many viewers Nationwide and Internationally. Those 6 pictures will always Hurt Mr.Narendra Modi and his Govt., forever. Hathras visit for extending solidarity with the deceased Parents, portrayed Mr.Gandhi and his sister as The Savior of Our Nation from the clutches of Barbaric Ruling Party both in National level and in the state level. 


Farm Bill 2020: 


Mr.Rahul Gandhi registered his highest concern of the loopholes in the Latest introduced Farm Bill 2020, which may very severely hit the life of every farmer without imposing MSP, the Farmers will be left no where just like tying a black rope on the eyes and chasing to follow the New Farm Bill 2020. The latest parliament session went on without the"Question hour"which is record break in negative manner since Independence 1947 with no past precedence. Mr.Rahul Gandhi, took part in series of Agricultural Rallies across the India🇮🇳,mainly in the states of Punjab and Haryana, even Youth Congress (IYC) headed by It's President Mr. Srinivas,(hand-picked by Mr.Gandhi) organized nationwide state protests in respective state capitals, youth congress took on to streets with local people support. Massive rallies he tirelessly participated. 


Covid-19 :-


The worst hit are the People of India by the lethargic handling of the Global Pandemic issues by the current administration headed by Mr.NarendraModi. Mr.Rahul Gandhi was the one who very first cautioned this Govt to take adequate precautionary measures. The current ruling party was very busy in organizing an Event NAMSTAE TRUMPH by spending 100s of Crores just for an 3hours Event. Public gathering which is dead against the Corona norms,followed or as prescribed by WHO, no Social Distancing were followed, paving way for more and more #Covid19 positive cases. Mr.Gandhi even cautioned the Govt.,of mishandling of the entire #Covid19 crisis, Nationwide, stating that, irrespective of Party lines, he and his party stands unilaterally with the ruling Govt in taking or adopting precautionary measures. But Mr.Narendra Modi Govt was very busy in dismantling an People Elected Government in the State of Madhya Pradesh, headed by INCMadhyaPradesh's Mr.Kamalnath, a severe matter of concern which is against the Lines of Democracy. 


The in-famous Lockdown:- 


Asusual, By default, 8PM he appeared on the Television media screen and announced the Stringent unplanned and infamous Nation Lockdown, first the PM assured to the Nation siting the Epic stories of Mahabharata War which lasted for 21Days, said that within 21 days the Demon #Corona will be defeated. The Congress President appealed to the PM with various suggestions related to that of the Migrant laborers and poor people. Mr.Gandhi also stressed for release of Rs.6000 for the Needy,so they are reassured for leading life, but this ruling Govt turned down all relevant suggestions extended by Mr.Gandhi paving way for The Migrants walking to their respective villages 1000s and 1000s of Kilometers, which rocked the entire Human kind Globally except the 

Ruling Govt. Mr.Gandhi took severe pain and issued so many valuable suggestions to bring in hope for the Migrants. Congress Party even went to extent of arranging some train tickets to Migrants who wanted to reach their respective home villages. The handling of The entire Pandemic situation ridiculed world wide bringing shame to our Nation's Pride, ppl walked so many kms, lost lives on railway tracks, but the administration was busy in preparation of Bihar state Assembly Elections virtual rallies, spent 1000s of Crores in purchasing Smart Screens etc., under the vigilance of the Home Minister Mr.Amit Shah. During Bihar floods both the Governments , state run by Mr.Nithish Kumar and Centre Govt led by Mr.Narendra Modi just didn't bother to extend helping hands to the Needy who were affected, Mr.Rahul Gandhi raised his voice and registered firmly his stand. 


China's Agression into Indian Territory:-


Mr.Gandhi took severe stand against the letting loose of Chinese Army PLA intoTerritory and capturing several points in Ladakh especially in Psang Suo lake. People of India got awareness from Mr.Gandhi's voice, the PM Mr.Narendra Modi had to issue a denial statement that none occupied our Territory, and till date failed to take the name of the country which is troubling our Nation by all means **China**. This statement which is later proved to be an blatant lie, at the same time paved way for China to take that specific statement by The Indian PM Mr.NarendraModi adding up to their advantage and claiming that the occupied territory as their territory. Many Bjp ministers personally targeted Mr.Gandhi and called him by names, but later the PMO had to remove the statement of PM from it's official website. Slowly Mr.Gandhi started to capture in the minds of many honest citizens and in their good books naturally. Now revealed that 12000 sq.kms has been illegally occupied by the PLA, the Chinese Army. Handling of Covid-19 by Mr.Narendra Modi asking the Nation to beat the drums, banging vessels/plates to make run,candle light 9'0clock,9 minutes 9 seconds, showering flowers from helicopter all these comedy tactics were followed to gain attention and also to twist and turn the direction and helping to keep away from real issues. 


Mr.RAHUL GANDHI interaction :-


Mr.Gandhi, during unplanned Lockdown period, went ahead, as in moral boosting for Fellow Citizens, kept assuring that certain strategy has to be followed to tackle the Covid-19 situation, Economy,  unemployment, Indo-Sino border tensions, Selling away of Profitable Public Sectors to Chronic capitalists who all happen to be the close friends of Mr.NarendraModi. The interactions with many learned scholars, delegates who were enriched in specific respective fields, he even interacted with the Regional Electronic Media journalists, National Electronic Media too, interacting with Question Answer session with skilled journalists, a leader should have courage to face questions from journos, which was very much lacking with The Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, who inturn discuss with the Bollywood stars and selective sports persons. 


Secrecy in PM Cares Fund :


Mr.Gandhi, questioned the manner and timing in which Such PM cares Fund over night came to light, which in short enjoy all privileges of Central/Union Govt's cover up facilities, still claimed as an private entity by the administration, collected funds from people in all walks of life, when few activists asked about the operation status of the said PM Cares Fund with RTI, it was turned down with an response of that it cannot be informed under RTI as it doesn't come under the ambit. Many of whom had donated to PM Cares Fund, couldn't access where and how it has been utilized, Mr.Gandhi questioned, when an existing well established as per legal law of the land, Prime Minister's Relief Fund is in well shape, what's the necessity of this new one which is highly secretive in Nature. 


Unemployment: The raising concerns of prevailing unemployment Nationwide an alarming issue, as Our Nation with largest Population of Youth Force. The present ruling party came to power by false and fake projections of providing 2,00,00,000 Jobs annually but never ever even tried to execute this assurance. But with strong Social Media Platform, they manage to divert from main issues with an alternative emotional issues. Mr.Gandhi in his entire attack on this current administration, mainly focused on Unemployment issues, as he,very much concerned about the youth force of our Nation. Always Mr.Gandhi's priorities goes with The Nation and its People where obviously one can find the difference between an honest leader and an Fake Leader. The problem of the current ruling party and its administration is that they fail to consult with the opposition parties on Subjects with respect to that of National interests. When someone from the crowd in the recent Electioneering Rally in Bihar, raised voice that PM asking to sell pakoras, Mr.Gandhi instantly said in jovial manner, when Mr.NarendraModi visits again, give him or greet him with Pakoras and immediately he said such situations should not raise, which shows the leadership quality.


*Chinese intrusion into our Territory is of great concern, Mr.Gandhi repeatedly raised his voice on this subject more or less daily. The lie told by a person who is decorating /occupying in the highest constitutional position on National security cannot be Pardoned. *Mr.Gandhi reiterated that, the soldiers of Our Nation, despite living in extraordinary tents in the fierce winter, stand up to the attack of China.The fact is that the PM who leads a very Posh super luxurious lifestyle, roaming in Rs.8,400/- Crores Aircraft and is even afraid to name China ,who got good days as per their slogan "AchaeDin". In his recent Electioneering Rally at Bihar, Mr.Rahul Gandhi asked the Voters of Bihar to vote for the Leaders and Political Parties who speak honestly about their issues/problems, whereas The currently sitting CM of Bihar Mr.Nithish Kumar speaks about The CM Designate from Mahagathbandhan Alliance Mr.Tejasvi's Family and Mr.NarendraModi will talk about my Family,but neither of them will speak about Unemployment. More than all, several independent institutions like Judiciary, Electronic and Print Media, Election Commission etc., are allegedly playing Second Fiddle to the Current ruling Govt.,which is a matter of great grave concern. Mr.Gandhi always takes side with decentralization of Powers, which will empower the Democracy and Federal System of Good Governance, state subjects should be always with the respective State Governments, He strongly  believes that religion based issues can be tackled only by Regional/State wise, a team sitting in Delhi may not know the core issues and solutions for the same with respect to that of the States. Mr.Gandhi criticized on Union Government's claim of "No Data" with respect to The Job Losses, Death counts of Migrant laborers, Death Rate of Frontline Warriors(Healthcare workers) ArokyaSettu App Developers who sneeze the personal details of every Uploader of that App.


The last but least, very important mention that deserves here in this article is that the sudden raise of Volunteers in various Social Media Platforms,the support garnered and extended to Mr.Rahul Gandhi,  every individual or by groups makes videos, posters , statements,  tweets , jibes etc., even the volunteers not only from Party base even General Public responds and defends Mr.Gandhi of any posts in SOCIAL MEDIA from and by the opposite front/Camp. THERE is an vast difference between payed media / payed Posts / appointed corporates for social media who delivers work for monetary benefits On behalf of the Ruling Party Government and the Volunteers based respondents who passionately,  selfless motive deliver on behalf of Mr.Gandhi and Indian National Congress Party. That's the real strength of Mr.Gandhi.

By owing to the certain above mentions, We can definitely conclude that RAHUL GANDHI-The Voice Of INDIA


Elango Subramaniam 

Head: rg4india Team

+91 99000 81000




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