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Posted on 6th Sep, 2021 15:48:33
 Most of the liver disease are self-inflicted the top most three cause of liver disease in India are alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease and viral Hepatitis. Fortunately, all these three can be prevented by lifestyle modifications. If we don’t drink alcohol at all then one does not get alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease can be prevented by exercising regularly eating the right diet like low carbohydrates, low sugar, less of junk, more of proteins and more of fresh leafy vegetables & fruits.  Diabetes is a risk factor for fatty liver disease, with India being the diabetic capital of the world, it is essential that we control diabetes so that the fatty liver can be prevented. We have to exercise regularly so that we keep the body fit and prevent the abnormal accumulation of fat. As far as prevention of viral hepatitis is concern drinking clean water and eating clean food will certainly prevent the viral Hepatitis A or E which can lead on to acute liver failure. As far as hepatitis B and C is concern it is transmitted by blood and body fluids.  so, we should not be sharing personal items like razors, clippers, scissors, or any form of trimmers, make sure we don’t share needles. IV drug users tend to share needles it should be prevented.  Avoid unprotected sex, multiple sexual partners. Tattoos has to be done with clean needles. One should be aware of viral hepatitis and they should get tested and vaccinated for hepatitis B.
 One of the major drawbacks in the Indian health system is the lack of research which is prevalent and which is very good in the western world. Chennai Liver Foundation has embarked on setting up such a research facility in India to help in developing drugs to combat various diseases. Some of the research aspects in which CLF is interested and is embarking on is the regeneration of the liver, drugs for fatty liver disease, vaccines for hepatitis C. We have also been doing epidemiological to understand the prevalence of various liver related diseases I n the community to understand the seriousness of the problem. One of the core aims of Chennai Liver Foundation is to create awareness about liver diseases if because if one does not know the symptoms then obviously the diagnosis get delayed. We also have to focusing on capacity building and advising doctors about the various treatment that is available in managing liver disease.
The covid-19 pandemic has had lots of good and bad as far as the liver is concern. One major impact during the total lockdown was non-availability of alcohol to the public. Which certainly has helped in the liver generation. The liver has got an amazing capacity to regenerate. When the offending alcohol is taken off the system the death cells are removed by the liver itself and new liver cells are formed and this certainly has helped a lot of people and in fact many with altered liver function tests secondary to alcoholic liver disease have come back to normal. but unfortunately some have gone back to drinking there has been a rebound effect because they've been binge drinking and we have seen a rise in acute alcoholic hepatitis in the last few months. The downside of a total lockdown and pandemic was that people were the most of the time are sitting at home with no proper exercise and over eating which certainly has made them put on a lot of weight which means that the liver is also taken a lot of fat into them and we’ve clearly seen that the people had a normal healthy liver prior and now they developed fatty liver disease. Fortunately, fatty liver disease is completely reversible condition and this condition can be reversed by exercising and losing all the extra kilos which you put during the pandemic.
 Organ donation in India is far behind most of the develop countries as for as organ donation is concerned. The best countries like Spain and Singapore and most of the European countries have organ donation of close to 20- 35 per million population while in India it's approximately 0.5 to per million population. there is a huge gap between the supply and the demand of organs the number of patients requiring a transplant is ever increasing but a number of transplants that's being done is very less and it's dramatically reduced in the last one and a half years due to the covid pandemic. Chennai liver Foundation is the strong proponent for organ donation and we've been doing various awareness talks and camps to promote organ donation. We have to certainly improve the rates of organ donation and the only way is for all the hospitals to come together and start identifying brainstem death patients and start counselling all of them. The government certainly needs to back up this process so that the public gains confidence in the system and they come forward for donation. One has to remember that with one brain death patent donating close to 10 people can be benefitted. 
 Myths and misconceptions, the major misconception is among doctors is that cirrhosis cannot be cured and transplants have very poor results which is unfortunately false. Liver transplantation have produced amazing results and we in India have close to almost twenty years survivors already. The results are in par with any western world today and we can achieve a one-year survival of over 90-92%. Another misconception among doctors is that is that the viral hepatitis cannot be treated. Many are not aware that wonderful drugs available these days to cure the disease. CLF has embarked on a mission capacity building all primary care physicians and educate them about the latest treatment available. Knowledge should be shared and when doctors and public become aware then the disease can be picked up early and the referrals to the   liver specialist can be done early. 

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